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Travel Management System

 Travel Management system

  • TMS is an Administrative Application for Travel Company where Admin/ Back Office/ Sales Users can Manage their Daily Activity.
  • TMS is Multi-User System can be used by Hundreds of Users at Same Time.
  • With TMS –Travel Company can manage their data centrally which can be utilized by various users. At the end Travel Company can have Paper Less Admin Activity.
  • TMS Manages Daily Activity like Enquiry Management, Guest Booking, Hotel Booking, Vehicle Management, Voucher Generation, Travel Plan Generation (Itinerary) , Invoicing, Reporting System.

 TMS Assures

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Distributed Work.
  • One Time Entry.
  • Reduce Repetitive Work.
  • Efficient Work with Less Cost.
  • Save Time With 100% Efficiency.
  • One Click Reports.
  • Reduce Paper Work.
  • Better Invoicing system.


 Enquiry Handling

• Handling Online and Offline Enquiry.

• Send enquiry details to customers through Email and SMS.

• Fetching all the available data from Enquiry to Booking Process.

 Guest Booking

• The enquiries after confirmation are forwarded to the booking process.

• Here, all the personal details and travel details like places they want to visit, no of days, no of people are fed into the system.

• System will generate unique Customer Booking Number.

 Hotel Booking

• After the confirmation of guest booking, Back Office User checks for the Availability of hotel.

• He sends the details of guest through email like check in & checkout dates, no of guests, total no of rooms, room type, total nights, meal plan to hotel.

 Vehicle Management

• After the confirmation of guest booking, Back Office User checks for the Availability of vehicle.

• He sends the details of guest through email like check in & checkout dates,
car model, car type, pick-up and drop to supplier of vehicle.

 Service Vouchers

• After the confirmation of hotel and vehicle booking, service vouchers are

• Vouchers contain all the guest information with hotel and vehicle details for
his / her tour.

• After successful generation, vouchers are mailed to respective customers.

 Travel Plant (Itinerary)

• You can organize your travel plans by using our travel itinerary template .

• It automatically adds Guest information, hotel details, vehicle details.

• You just want to choose : Meal Plan, Description about places to visit,
Upload photos of places

 Payment and Invoicing Process

• TMS gives very easy and accurate payment process for hotel and guest.

• Receiving Payment From Guest.

• Creating Payment Structure.

• Calculation of Balance Amount, paid amount in figure & words, Payment
mode and its details.

 Admin Rights

• Create any level of user..

• View, Update and Delete any level of user.

• Add, Update ,Delete all the masters like city, sector, hotel, supplier.

• Admin can do all the processes that Back Office and Sales User do.

• View and print reports of all processes.

• Mail and SMS this payment receipt to guest and hotels.

 Back Office Rights

• Create , update, view and delete masters like city, sector.

• Confirm Booking and add guest details.

• Add, update, delete hotel and vehicles details.

• Generate service vouchers.

 Sales User Rights

• Make enquiry.

• Confirm Booking and add guest details.

• Print Travel Plan (Itinerary).

• Print Invoice.

• Generate all reports.

 Reporting System

• Report will be Generated as per User Level.

• Report will be in Two Format - PDF & XLS Format

• Admin Can Generate all Reports.

• Reports : Enquiry details, Booking details customer wise, Hotel and vehicle
details customer wise. Travel Plan (Itinerary), Guest Payment receipt, Invoice.